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Our prayer wall initiative seeks to bring together individuals who are experiencing brokenness, providing them with a platform to unite in prayer and find solace. By sharing testimonies of personal journeys and faith, our aim is to foster a sense of unity, growth, and inspiration among participants. Through this initiative, we aspire to create a supportive community where people can find strength, encouragement, and a deepened faith, ultimately transforming their lives and empowering them to face life’s challenges with resilience and hope.

  • AMEN pls pray for my family my children health spirit of confusion poverty be destroyed careerbreakthrough over my live fanace prosperity favour best education for my kid’s almighty God see us through AMEN
  • Please pray for me to draw closer to God … pray for salvation for my family … 2 daughters, 2 grandkids, my hubby and son inlaw … For our relationships in our family to improve and be healed … For our business that is ailing because of covid …
  • Pray for me and my family we currently in a financial difficulty and for a job for me.
  • I pray for the fruit of the womb of the baby boy and I pray for peace nd everlasting joy in my relationship with my fiance nd for financial breakthrough nd wisdom of God AMEN
  • Please pray for me to grow closer to God… And for me to have a breakthrough in every aspect of my life .. Financially am really struggling and am tired of the life am living
  • Good day people of God , I like your ministry a lot it’s praise and worship heals my soul please pray for my relationship it’s very sour these days and keep me in your prayers I want to be married
  • I need a prayer
  • I need prayers, I’m trying but nothing is happening, my life is stagnant, nothing is happening, been working my way out of debt, but this month I’m drowning in debt again, finance comes and go, can’t do anything for myself and my child
  • morning…i greet you in the name of jesus amen,lately i have been feeling heartbroken,down and out.my confidence is shattered.i have been praying but i feel like im not doing enough or my prayers dont reach where they are supposed to go..im currently jobless and i have no luck in finding a job.we are going through alot as a family.its painful waking up in the morning not knowing whta to eat or expect..but maybe things will change for the better one day
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